Features-White Water Paddle

【LIGHTWEIGHT KAYAK PADDLE】Full carbon fiber material can give you a lighter “swing weight”. When our carbon blade facing wild water, it will cause less water to “escape” from the blade face, requiring less energy from your stroke to create more motion. So it will lead to less fatigue, allowing you to run more drops, surf more waves, paddle farther and perform better.

【POWERFUL PADDLE BLADE】As paddling downstream, holes, waves, eddies, and ledges both small and large (i.e. waterfalls) will show up. This kind of blade shape will help you face such situation. Focusing the blade’s bigger surface area above the center line of the paddle. This oversize tip allows paddlers to reach the water sooner and get instant bite at the most important part of the forward stroke, the catch.  Suitable for run rivers or steeper creeks.

【WHITEWATER PADDLE STRAIGHT SHAFT】Most people are used to using straight paddles. Lighter than bent shaft. You can enjoy all-day, pain-free paddling.

【WHITEWATER PADDLE BENT SHAFT】It can keep your wrists in an ergonomically correct straight alignment, less pressure is put on the small tendons and ligaments of the wrist, reducing pain.