Knowledge-SUP Paddle

How to choose the right length?

Length: Getting the right size paddle is key to maintaining proper paddling form and efficiency. Add about 8–12 inches to your height and choose a paddle of that length. 






Material: The materials used to construct a SUP paddle play a role in determining the weight and stiffness of the paddle. Generally, a lightweight paddle is preferred. Carbon fiber SUP paddle is extra lightweight.

Blade Size: Usually, the larger you are, the bigger you’ll want your blade to be.

Small/medium body types (less than 150 lbs.): 80–90 sq. in.

Medium/large body types (150-200 lbs.): 90–100 sq. in.

Large/X large body type (200+ lbs.): 100–120 sq. in.

We focus on carbon fiber and PMI foam (shaped by CNC machine) as the core material for the blade, which increase the paddle's service life and prevent the blade edge from splitting due to being exposed to the sun. Our SUP paddle truly achieves the perfect balance of lightness, rigidity and good impact resistant.